Answering CAQH's Call to Action for Increased Automation

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As the costs for manual transactions continue to increase and electronic transactions decrease, it is becoming more important than ever to increase the use of automated administrative tasks. CAQH has issued another industry call to action in their latest 2022 CAQH Index for more automation in the health insurance industry. Download our white paper to see how HealthTrio can help.

Download Our White Paper

Each year, CAQH publishes a detailed report that measures national progress in cost reduction associated with performing administrative transactions in the healthcare industry for medical plans and providers.

With a strong focus in each report on administrative transactions related to verifying insurance coverage, obtaining authorization for care, submitting a claim, and better usage of electronic attachments, one core message continues to ring true year after year: their industry call to action for increased automation and electronic completion of these administrative tasks.

Download our white paper that covers the latest numbers from the 2022 CAQH Index and how HealthTrio can help answer this call to action for more automation.